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DMG Mori Plant (LLC "Ulyanovsky Machine-tool Plant")


The modern factory for the production of ECOLINE machines

Machines for Russia from Russia

Ulyanovsk Machine-Tool Plant is fully recognized by the Russian manufacturer

The goal of localization of production up to 70%


Significance of the Special Contract

The signing of the Special Contract between DMG MORI and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation was held in September 2016. This contract confirms for the plant the status of the Russian manufacturer and equal competitive working conditions in the Russian market.

Advantages for customers

Fixed prices in rubles

Short delivery times

Absence of customs duties

Service from the manufacturer all over Russia

Technological development and support

Key facts:

Land: approx. 330,000 m2

Building area: approx. 21.000 m2

Assembly shop: approx. 3.300 m2

Machining shop: approx. 1.300 m2

Technological Center: approx. 640 m2

Production capacity approx. 1.200 per year

Energy Solutions Park: covers 10% of the plant costs

Long-term localization strategy

Focus on Russian partners, suppliers, and high-quality components

Localization of components up to 70%

Achievements in supply localization: sheet metal, cast components, electrical cabinets, etc.

R & D of the Ulyanovsk plant

Development of the Russian engineering competence in the field of equipment and software products

Plans for the production of a machine with a domestic CNC system

Current status and export

More than 350 locally produced machines have already been installed throughout Russia

Up to 5% of total production is planned for export

By combining its resources and strengths, DMG MORI works as efficiently as possible, combining tradition and engineering experience
Christian Tönes
Member of the Management Board of the "DMG Mori Seiki" concern


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Tatiana Fadeeva

Ph.D, Head of PR Department
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